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Guided Exploration of Nisiopi’s Coastal and Inland Regions and Science Briefing at the Museum

Join us on at 11 am on Saturday August 5, 2023!

Interested in joining us? Report your interest! (22530 – 54434)

News & Events

Saturday July 30th and Sunday July 31st 2022, 10 am

The Natural History Museum of the Petrified Forest of Lesvos is inviting you all to attend its educational programs “Volcanos and Volcanic Fossils of Lesvos – Experiment Modeling a Volcanic Explosion” and Treasure Hunt “In the Traces of the Petrified Forest of Lesvos” this weekend in the petrified forest park in Plaka.


With great turnouts on our organized exploration to the marine park of the petrified forest of Nissiopi last Saturday and Sunday 16th and 17th July, we are pleased and excited to organize more trips for those who are interested! The trips take place with a special ship that has glass flooring, allowing visitors to extend their bodies and imagination to look into the past and ponder about the present.


An exploration of the captivating fossil bearing areas on land and in water at the Marine Park of the Petrified Forest of Nisiopi, organised by the Natural History Museum of the Petrified Forest of Lesvos, will take place this Sunday July 17th 2022 at 12pm.


Saturday 16th July, 2022, 6 pm


The visitors of Lesvos’s Petrified Forest are welcome and invited to a beautiful afternoon exploration and talk at the park of Plaka on Saturday July 16th at 6pm. 


The Natural History Museum of the Petrified Forest is participating in Global Birdfair 2022 in hopes of drawing attention to the rich biodiversity of avifauna on the island of Lesvos. As the British Birdwatching Fair has expanded itself to becoming a global event, people involved in birdwatching, from tourist agents to suppliers of equipment and artists who make useful clothing and equipment, will all be participating.