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Summer Educational Program Treasure Hunt Tracing the Petrified Forest An experience in the Plaka Petrified Forest

13 Jul 2022

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th July 2022, 10 am

Do you find enjoyment in solving riddles and puzzles, going on mysterious missions, and immersing yourself in nature’s beauty? Do you want to spend time in a petrified forest, become its friend, know all its secrets? A fun and intellectually stimulating path awaits you, giving you the chance to learn about the forest’s creation and to gaze at large petrified trunks and root systems at the park of Plaka.

The starting point of the treasure hunt is the museum. By untangling the mysteries woven into the puzzles and riddles, you will find a secret code which will help you reach the endpoint of your journey. The end of the hunt awaits you with bubbling surprises and we are waiting for you to join us! Everyone is welcome - adults, children, families, friends!

The treasure hunt will start at 10 am and can be played in Greek, English, or German. Staff will be there to guide and accompany the participants.

You can purchase tickets online through the website or from the museum before the treasure hunt starts.

For more information and to report your interest in participating, you can call at this number : 22530- 54434