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Every year the Museum implements educational programs for students of all grades.

The Museum invites students and teachers to participate in hands-on educational activities, to travel 20 million years back to the geological past of the Aegean, to discover the Petrified Forest, the plants and animals that lived in the area 20 million years ago and to become familiar with phenomena and processes that formed the Aegean Sea.

Who wouldnt like to have the unique experience of visiting a petrified tropical forest, 20 million years old, and walking in the heart of a volcanic crater?

The educational programs of the Museum are addressed to different age groups of students:

  •  4-7 years old students (Kindergarten, 1-2 Grades of Elementary School)
  •  8-12 years old students (3-6 Grades of Elementary School)
  •  13-17 years old students (Junior high school, High school)