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Educational Activities

The Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest is a place of education, knowledge and inspiration. Following the current theory and practices of Museum Education, it designs and implements educational programs for students of all levels of education.

The Museums educational programs are designed to offer students knowledge, skills and experiences of the Petrified Forest and the natural and geological monuments of Lesvos, through experiential learning. They aim is to help children and young people discover their relationship with our land and nature, to take action on current environmental problems, on climate change, on the prudent use of natural resources, on a sustainable way of life, but also to be prepared for natural hazards such as earthquakes.

Every year, the Museum enriches the topics of its educational programs with new programs, new educational material and innovative educational activities. For their implementation, special educational spaces have been created, such as the GEORAMA, an excavation site, and the SEISMIC SIMULATOR, where students are trained on how to react in case of an earthquake and realize the need to prepare and take precautionary measures.

The Museum also designs and implements special educational programs and outdoor excursions for students, organizes conferences and training seminars for teachers, implements research programs on educational issues and creates educational material according to the current educational needs and practices. It collaborates closely with the Departments of Education, the University of the Aegean and the  E.E.C. Evergetoulas for the implementation of joint educational activities, but also in the context of the operation of the Thematic School Network "UNESCO Global Geoparks in Greece. The Museum also has international collaborations with educational Institutions, Universities, Institutes, Museums, the Network of Collaborating Schools of UNESCO (ASPnet UNESCO) and the UNESCO Global Geoparks.

The Education Officers could facilitate:

  • Informative preparatory presentations to students at their school
  • Accompanying and informing students during the implementation of special educational programs in the area of ​​the Petrified Forest
  • Contact the Department of Educational Programs at 2251047033 or 2253054434