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Educational Programs

Get to know the wealth of the present-day trees in Lesvos and discover the plants that lived in Lesvos 20 million years ago!


Special educational activities

Access to cultural heritage is a fundamental human right, while taking part in the cultural life is a prerequisite for social inclusion and social participation. Museums are places of high cultural importance, with significant educational and social aspects. Therefore, are by definition accessible to all and welcoming to all visitors.

School groups have the opportunity to participate in Multi-day Educational Programs, which include:

Special educational presentation by the Museums scientific staff related to the main thematic of the program

School groups have the opportunity to choose an educational visit to the Museum, which includes:

Special educational presentation for the creation of the Petrified Forest

Christmas is on the corner and we are all looking for ways to spend our time creatively and happily with our loved ones, especially this year when we stay home for a long time.

The Museum invites its young friends to contribute, through this special activity, to the effort to protect and highlight the natural and cultural wealth of Lesvos, which has been designated a UNESCO World Geopark. Every idea is useful for this purpose and every idea can be expressed through the creation of a fanzine - amateur magazine!

Do you like games? Can’t get out far to explore nature?

Now you can become Young Explorers and take part in research expeditions! Explore and discover the treasures of our natural heritage!