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Every year, the Museum organizes volunteer work programs in the area of ​​the Petrified Forest. The main goal of the program is to raise awareness for the protection of the Lesvos Petrified Forest and the dissemination of knowledge about the Petrified Forest and the nature of Lesvos, in Greece and abroad. The program offers the volunteers a unique experience of getting acquainted with the natural treasures and the cultural wealth of the area, while giving them the opportunity to develop professional skills.

Areas of volunteer work include informing and raising public awareness about the Petrified Forest and the present-day natural environment of the area, both in the Museum and in the Parks of the Petrified Forest, conducting research, as well as implementing environmental education programs.

Volunteering include field work in the outdoor parks and in the wider protected area of ​​the Petrified Forest in order to gather information about the natural resources of the area. The volunteers also proceed with cleaning and conservation of plant and animal fossils. The areas of volunteer work include the participation in the implementation of the events organized by the Museum in the framework of the Agrotourism Festival and the summer events "Earth Festivals".