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Exploring the Nissiopi Marine Petrified Forest Park

18 Jul 2022

With great turnouts on our organized exploration to the marine park of the petrified forest of Nissiopi last Saturday and Sunday 16th and 17th July, we are pleased and excited to organize more trips for those who are interested! The trips take place with a special ship that has glass flooring, allowing visitors to extend their bodies and imagination to look into the past and ponder about the present.

Each exploration is preceded by an informative screening at the museum which prepares visitors for the more interactive experience that follows. Visitors are informed about the park’s creation, the fossil-bearing areas, the current marine and terrene ecosystems, and the breathtaking coasts of Nisiopi. This activity helps visitors get into the spirit of travelling into space, color, and time.

Afterwards, visitors go to port of Sigri to board the ship that travels to Nisiopi. Floating on the boat, visitors float and merge with a blend of colors: the Aegean blue, the dusty shade of the volcanic fossils, the crimson pop of the petrified trees, the white seagull dots flying in the sky and resting on the islet. From the glass flooring of the boat, visitors can see the colorful underwater world unfold before their eyes and the large structures that the geomorphs form harmoniously together. The clarity of the blue merges with a clarity in thought: the past never leaves us; it is always integrated harmoniously into our present, folds itself and lies as a hidden projection.

The adventure continues on land, giving visitors the chance to walk around fragments of history, pieces from the petrified trees, sprinkled on the islet and encounter from up close the largest downed petrified tree trunk.

If you are interested to go beyond yourself, to stretch your mind and body to gain some insight on the the way past and present, red and blue, merge with each other, this is an activity for you!

Unless the weather does not permit us to proceed, these adventurous trips are organized to take place every day at 12 pm! Call to hop on this exciting journey if you are interested! You can book tickets by calling the Natural History Museum of the Petrified Forest at this number: 22530-54434.