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Minerals and rocks of Lesvos

Collection of rocks and minerals

Minerals and rocks of Lesvos
Educational Programs
Minerals and rocks of Lesvos
Educational program at the Museum
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Price: 3€ /student
  • For high school students
  • For students from 3rd to 6th grade
  • Lesvos Petrified Forest Hall
  • Hall of the Geostorical evolution of the Aegean
Information: 2251047033

In the educational program ‘’Minerals and rocks of Lesvos’’, the children examine minerals and rocks, most of them unknown for their valuable properties and their usefulness in everyday life.

Each mineral and rock has its own story and its own characteristics that children are invited to observe and study. Then studying their physical characteristics they are called to identify them and discover their usefulness in our daily lives and in the evolution of our life.

Children discover how to collect minerals and rocks, collect their own rocks, sort and compare them and create their own personal collection.


The program includes:

  • Discussion on basic concepts such as soil structure, rocks, rock types, minerals, physical properties of minerals, etc.
  • Discussion about the rocks of Lesvos and the geological map of Lesvos.
  • Gathering information from the exhibits of the permanent exhibitions of the Museum for volcanoes and rocks and silicate minerals.
  • Observation and study of minerals and rocks with the help of the collection of minerals and rocks of the Museum ‘’Theophrastus: Volcanoes and volcanic rocks’’.
  • Recording the findings in the special educational cards.
  • Composition of observations and drawing conclusions.
  • Discussion on how to create a personal collection of minerals and rocks.
  • Collection of minerals and rocks in selected locations in the countryside, classification, comparison and creation of their personal collection.