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Summer nights at the Museum-Theatrical performances

20 Sep 2020
Summer nights at the Museum-Theatrical performances

Every summer the Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest co-organizes with the local authorities and local cultural organizations a variety of cultural events from sculpture, art, pottery and craft exhibitions to book presentations, theatrical and musical performances and film screenings. This year the museum took part in the festival “Cultural Summer 2020” of the Association of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Island of Lesvos by hosting at its outdoor amphitheater two theatrical plays.

The play “Colourful Stories” is based on four short stories from the “Colourful Books” of Stratis Myrivilis, one of the most important Greek novelists of the 30’s. The play is a theatrical adaptation of these short novels for stage for the first time, directed by Konstantinos Giannakopoulos. The audience experienced an hymn to nature, creation and life through the powerful performances of Konstantinos Giannakopoulos, Ino Menegaki and Christela Gkizeli.

People from the local communities had also the chance to enjoy the successful tragicomedy “The Notary” starring Iro Mane and directed by Giorgos Karamixos. The play is the confession of a widow, trapped in the morals of a provincial society, in a monologue with a heartbreaking climax. Τhe attendance to both the events was high, although the restrictions due to the health protocols for Covid-19 pandemic, that were strictly followed.

Stay tuned for more events to come in autumn!