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September 6th - Global Shorebird Day

03 September 2022

September 6th is Global Shorebird Day and the Global Shorebird Count is taking place during the week of September 1-7.

Shorebirds are a large group of long-legged birds that usually live by the water on shores and other wetlands, while a few of them are adapted to live in drier areas (steppes). They include several families, two of which are very numerous: the Charadriidae and the Scolopacidae. In Lesvos, the island of wetlands, 41 different species have been recorded (out of 243 in the world)! This is due to its geographical location, in the course followed by these birds, which are mainly migratory, while moving from Europe to (and from) Africa every autumn (and spring).

These birds, apart from being migratory champions (barwailed godwit holds the record for a continuous 4-day flight from Alaska to Oceania!) are among the most endangered, as there is a decline in populations of almost half of the species that live in the world today!

During the two evening birdwatching events, held on the weekend at the Kalloni Salt Pans during, the participants had the opportunity to watch: Pied Avocets, Black-winged Stilts, Little Ringed, Ringed, Kentish and Grey Plovers, redshanks, Greenshanks, Curlews, Stone Curleys, Little Stints, a Spotted Redshank and a Marsh Sandpiper

You can participate in one of the guided birdwatching excursions organised by the Kalloni Enviromental Information Center every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday till 10th October 2021

For more information and reservations: 2251047033, 2253028091,