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Bird Watching During Fall Migration immersive, exciting, educational

19 Aug 2022

For the second time around, the Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest and the Kalloni Environmental Information Center are organizing guided explorations in protected areas to introduce the art of bird watching and the different forms of beauty that manifest themselves in Lesvos island’s geopark!

Bird watching is widely cherished and, for decades now, Lesvos has been a famous destination for birdwatching in Europe. Fall migration for the birds has started and many species have been documented to already have passed through the wetlands and other natural ecosystems on the island: this is a perfect time to come and see them!

Starting Saturday August 20, we will be meeting on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (6 - 7:30 pm) and on Friday and Saturday mornings (8:30 - 10:00 am) at the salt marsh of Kalloni – the largest and most important wetland on Lesvos island. We will be going in groups of 5 - 10 people. To join, you will need to report your interest in participating as well as purchase a ticket from the Museum, its e-shop, or from the Kalloni Environmental Information Center. The fee to participate is 15 € per person.

Our explorations can be completed in Greek or in English and they are designed for people aging 10 years or older. Participants don’t need to have prior knowledge or skills on birdwatching. We give an introduction on the activity before we begin our exploration and observation of the area and the species of birds it hosts. Participants will be given their own pair of binoculars and a telescope for an ultimate birdwatching experience…!

For more information and to sign up to participate, you can call us at 22510-47033 or send us an email at .

To find out more about the birds that have been documented on the island, you can visit the website of the Environmental Information Center To read and inform yourself in English, go on this link :

Other sites that may be useful in answering your questions:, ,, and our Facebook page.