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Educational Programs

Get to know the wealth of the present-day trees in Lesvos and discover the plants that lived in Lesvos 20 million years ago!


Discover the educational activities and games for families and kids, for all the friends of the Museum of the Petrified Forest of Lesvos and the Lesvos Geopark.


20 million years ago there were many active volcanoes in the northeastern Aegean region. In the island of Lesvos 5 large volcanic centers were discovered.

Did you know that the first marine fossil park in Greece is located in Nissiopi, the islet located opposite the settlement of Sigri in the island of Lesvos?

Lesvos, the place that in the distant geological past was covered by dense tropical forests, today is the island of intense contrasts with such a rich biodiversity. Without doubt it deserves the characterization "botanical paradise of the Aegean”.

Did you know that you can easily press different kinds of plants or your favorite flowers?

Let’s explore the natural world! 
Find out how we observe the natural world and become the best Young Explorers of our natural heritage.