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Educational Programs

In the educational program ‘’Lesvos Geopark: From Tethys to the Aegean’’, the children make a journey of 300 million years though 90 kilometers, starting from Mytilene and reaching the protected area of the Petrified Forest, exploring the geosites of Lesvos Geopark, its rocks, the volcanic phenomenon and their relationship with the culture of Lesvos.


In the educational program ‘’The adventures of little Dinoulis in the forest with the Sequoias’’, through theatrical play, the children embody roles from the dramatized history of the Petrified Forest and experience the way of its creation.

In the educational program ‘’Young Paleontologists’’, the children play the role of a Paleontologist and begin an excavation to find and identify parts of fossil plants.

The educational program of the Museum ‘’The Adventures of Little Egelados Journey into the Earth’’ is an exciting journey into the world of earthquakes for young children and focuses on education and preparation for an earthquake and familiarity with protection measures before, during and after an earthquake.

In the educational program ‘’Volcanoes and volcanic eruptions in Lesvos’’, the children are invited to travel millions of years ago to the geological past of Lesvos, of the Aegean and of Greece and to become familiar with phenomena and processes that cannot be directly observed, such as the volcanic phenomenon.

The children are transported to the excavation site of the Petrified Forest of Lesvos along the road Kalloni Sigri. Through a research route along the new road, they observe the works carried out at the construction site of the Petrified Forest, discover information about the conservation works and their results, identify and record the tools. At the same time, they identify and map the fossils, rocks, volcanic, tectonic and geomorphological structures, which they encounter.

The educational program ‘’The Deinotherium and the animals of the Petrified Forest of Lesvos’’ is inspired by the findings of paleontological research in Lesvos and introduces children with a pleasant and fun way to the world of  the animals of the Petrified Forest of Lesvos.