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The educational program entitled "The young ones bring the adults to the museum" is specially designed for children aged 6 to 13 years and their parents.

The goal of these programs, in which children and adults participate together, is to make the Museum a meeting place not only for schools but also for the family, turning a family visit to the museum into a special experience.

Discovering the Petrified Forest through a game

The program begins in the audiovisual media room where, children and parents get to know the plant species of the Petrified Forest through a special presentation. Impressive representation of the forest and the animals that lived in it, with the help of digital multimedia, transports them millions of years ago and brings them in contact with the processes of creating this unique monument of nature.

Then in the permanent exhibition halls of the Museum the participants get in touch with the processes and phenomena that led to the creation of the forest and become familiar with the species of plants that lived 20 million years ago in Lesvos. Through the impressive finds of the Museum's collection and the fossilized trees that are in their natural position in Sigri Park, children and parents discover the secrets of the Lesvos Petrified Forest.

Young Paleontologists

The aim of the educational program is for children to get acquainted with the methods and purposes of paleontological excavation, to get to know the fossilized plants that lived in the past in the Petrified Forest and to observe their similarities and differences with the present-day plants of Lesvos. It also aims to raise awareness on issues of protection and promotion of the Petrified Forest, natural monuments, geological and natural heritage of Lesvos, thus combining knowledge and experience with science.

For the implementation of the program, a special educational discovery site GEORAMA has been created, which includes an excavation site, divided into grids, thus simulating the educational excavation activity with the scientific paleontological excavation research.

The young paleontologists, along with their parents, using the special excavation tools take part in the excavation of fossils at the excavation site, as well as in the research work of identifying the fossils they excavated and comparing them with present-day plants of Lesvos.