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Educational Programs

Get to know the wealth of the present-day trees in Lesvos and discover the plants that lived in Lesvos 20 million years ago!


Lesvos, the place that in the distant geological past was covered by dense tropical forests, today is the island of intense contrasts with such a rich biodiversity. Without doubt it deserves the characterization "botanical paradise of the Aegean”.

Did you know that you can easily press different kinds of plants or your favorite flowers?

In the educational program ‘’Volcanoes and volcanic geosites of Lesvos’’, the children are invited to travel mentally millions of years back to the geological past of Lesvos, the Aegean and Greece and to become familiar with phenomena and processes that cannot be directly observed, such as the volcanic activity.

In the educational program ‘’Lesvos Geopark: The Island of nature and culture’’, the children discover the geological, natural, cultural and archaeological monuments of Lesvos during their tour in the island of Lesvos. They experience unique tasting experiences of traditional products and travel mentally millions of years back to the geological past of the Aegean and the Greek region, when Greece was part of a large ocean, the Ocean of Tethys.

In the educational program ‘’Lesvos Geopark: From Tethys to the Aegean’’, the children make a journey of 300 million years though 90 kilometers, starting from Mytilene and reaching the protected area of the Petrified Forest, exploring the geosites of Lesvos Geopark, its rocks, the volcanic phenomenon and their relationship with the culture of Lesvos.

In the educational program ‘’Geological time and Geohistorical evolution of the Aegean’’, the children are asked to find the solutions to the puzzle that Dr. Paleopoulos and Dr. Time, geologists-paleontologists, have sent them from the past, to study the fossils in the exhibition and gather information about the plants and animals that have lived in the Aegean for the last 23 million years.