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The subsidised programs which the Center of Professional Training (K.E.K.) of the Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest (NHMLPF) coordinates are an important source of training for the unemployed young people of western Lesvos, especially when these programs occur outside of the summer period.
These model training programs, coordinated for the first time in western Lesvos by KEK, have helped in the training of personnel on specific issues such as the protection and preservation of fossils as well as more general issues such as natural geological monuments, a sector which is blossoming in western Lesvos due to the presence of the Petrified Forest.

With these programs, young unemployed people mainly from the remote island of Lesvos have acquired the necessary skills and expertise for research work in a pioneering sector, that is related to the promotion and protection of natural monuments.

It should be noted that many of the young people who completed these programs are currently occupied at the Natural History Museum. More specifically, 7 out of 84 (8,3%) program participants are occupied today at the Museum, while Museum efforts to find further work opportunities in enterprises in western Lesvos are continuous.

The success of the KEK already has been recognized by the residents of western Lesvos, who have expressed their interest in attending future training programs.

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