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Volunteers (Volunteerism)

Οι εθελοντές δραστηριοποιούνται στους χώρους του Μουσείου στο Σίγρι καθώς και στα Πάρκα του Απολιθωμένου Δάσους στο Σίγρι, στη θέση «Μπαλή Αλώνια», στη Χαμανδρούλα, στην Πλάκα και στη Νησιώπη 

μεγέθυνση φωτογραφίας - Ο εθελοντισμός είναι μια ενεργή δραστηριότητα από το 2002 όταν ιδρύθηκε το Σωματείο «Οι Φίλοι του Απολιθωμένου Δάσους»

μεγέθυνση φωτογραφίας - Υλοποίηση των προγραμμάτων περιβαλλοντικής εκπαίδευσης

Our natural heritage needs your action!

Become a volunteer!

Volunteerism has been an effective tool for the Petrified Forest since 2002 when the "Friends of the Petrified Forest" was established. It had long been a dream for residents of Lesvos who had been involved in the protection and promotion of the Petrified Forest.
Citizen involvement in the protection of the forest began in 1985 when the state declared it a "Protected Natural Monument". Since then the forest has grown in fame and people have come from all over the world to see this treasure on our island.

The next big step occurred in 1994 when the Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest was established in Sigri. As a result, today visitors can better appreciate the value and worth of the forest.
Besides its permanent exhibits, the Museum organizes and hosts many other events: photographic and art exhibits, book presentations, concerts, festivals highlighting local products etc. The region of Sigri has benefited greatly from the thousands of visitors every year, drawing it out of isolation and making it a dynamic centre on the western side of Lesvos.

The protection of the Petrified Forest in not only a responsibility of the Museum or Forestry Service, it is a responsibility for all of us. The Friends association is made up of citizens, residents in the region, Museum staff, scientists, and people who love the Petrified Forest from all across the country.

Volunteer Work Programs


Available volunteer work includes:

  • Informing and sensitising the public about the Petrified Forest and the current natural environment of the region, either in the Museum or in the parks and their fossil sites.
  • Completion of research questionnaires for visitors on the improvement of the promotion of the monument, personal comments and ideas for action in specific areas in the future and the evaluation of the publicity of the Museum and the parks.
  • Carrying out environmental education programs of the Museum for young visitors, namely "The Small Palaeontologists" program in which kids discover, clean and protect finds of the Petrified Forest, and the "Volcanoes" program which focuses on the volcanicity of the Aegean and its relation to the Petrified Forest of Lesvos.
  • Recording natural resources in the outdoor parks as well as in the wider protected region of the Petrified Forest for the gathering of data on the natural resources of the region. The data to be recorded may be either fossils or current flora and fauna species.
  • Cleaning and preserving of plant and animal fossils

μεγέθυνση φωτογραφίας - Εργασία καταγραφής των φυσικών πόρων στα στην ευρύτερη προστατευόμενη περιοχή του Απολιθωμένου ΔάσουςTime period

The volunteer work period occurs between July and October


Volunteers are active in the Museum in Sigri as well as in the Petrified Forest parks at "Bali Alonia", Hamandroula, Plaka and Nisiopi.

Benefits for Volunteers

The Museum and the Friends provide the following for volunteers during their service:

  • Information on the creation of the Petrified Forest, types of fossilized plants, the uniqueness and value of the monument, research methods and techniques, excavation, conservation and protection of the petrified trunks and finally the philosophy and goals of volunteerism.
  • Tour of the permanent exhibitions of the Museum and the parks of the Petrified Forest
  • Stay at the guesthouses on the grounds of the Museum in the village of Sigri.
  • Transportation Mytilene-Sigri and return during the start and end of the volunteer cooperation, to and from "Bali Alonia" and the Nisiopi islet.
  • Necessary material and tools, such as a knapsack with information material, pamphlets, shirt, hat, and materials and small tools for the cleaning and preservation of fossils should this be the volunteer’s focus.
  • Access to the library of the Museum and free access to informational material.
  • Discount at the Museum shop.

After the completion of their service, volunteers also receive:

  • the Sequoia magazine by mail
  • Free entrance to the Museum and its exhibitions for 1 year
  • Information on Museum events
  • Access to the library of the Museum

 Application for Volunteering

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