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The Museum is a legal non-profit entity that belongs to the Greek state and is overseen by the Minister of Culture (N. 2260/1994).

The aim of the Museum is:

"the study, research, promotion, exhibition, maintenance, protection and any suitable usage of the Petrified Forest of Lesvos", as stated by paragraph 2 of article 2 of N.2260/94.
More specific aims of the Museum, as determined by the Administrative Council, are:

  • the research and promotion of elements that are part of the geohistoric development of the region in which Petrified Forest was developed, as well as the comparative study of modern and fossilized ecosystems, in order to increase awareness of the value and importance of the Petrified Forest
  • the presentation, promotion and projection of the fossilized finds through exhibitions
  • the management, protection and promotion of the Petrified Forest
  • the protection of geodiversity and biodiversity, biotopes and geotopes, landscapes and more generally the natural environment
  • environmental education.
  • the cultural and economic growth of the region.
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