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μεγέθυνση φωτογραφίας - Το μουσείο στεγάζεται σε ένα σύγχρονο κτίριο 1600 m2The efforts for the creation of Museum began in the 80’s when the study for building on a plot of 11 acres was authorized by the Prefecture of Lesvos. The land was granted by the Community of Sigri, as proposed by the community President of Sigri, Mr Athanasiadis.

The Architects P. Panto-Kikko and S. Frangou, with Architect A. Tobazi as special adviser, designed the Museum.

The effort to promote this unique natural monument is expressed architecturally by a building of considerable requirements and specifications, a building of architectural austerity with stonemasonry from local volcanic lava and, thereby, a building which coexists in absolute harmony with the natural environment.

The building of the Museum, which began in the ' 90’s, was financed by the Greek State and the European Union via the M.O.P. Aegean.

The Museum was founded by a unanimous decision in the Greek Parliament in December 1994 (N. 2260/1994) along with the Organization for the Construction of the New Museum.

The completion of the building was financed by 2nd CSF – PEP of the Northern Aegean.

The completion of the Museum exhibitions as well as the promotion and maintenance of exhibits of the Petrified Forest was financed by 3rd CSF – PEP of the Northern Aegean.

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