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Research Projects

Community Initiative LEADER PLUS "Geoparks: An ideal destination for the growth of alternative tourism and educational activities in rural regions of Europe"

The objective of the program is the collaboration of European Geoparks for the growth of geotourism in rural regions through the promotion of common tourist package tours, the exchange of know-how and the application of new methods for the promotion of sustainable growth. At the same time the participation of local communities in the conservation of their natural heritage is promoted through the relationship between the Geoparks and local enterprises for the promotion of local products. Program actions also include the exchange of events between the Geoparks (reports, personnel, etc), the growth of educational activities geared towards university and school teams, the creation of informative educational material for school teams, as well as the growth of promotional and public relations activities such as the Geopark Week celebration, the organisation of agro-touristic Geopark festivals, and the participation in tourist exhibitions.

Community Initiative INTERREG III MedOcc SERVIMEDIT "Encouragement of the Development of Polycentric Systems of Medium-sized Intergovernmental Urban Nodes"

The objective of this program is the encouragement of the development of polycentric systems of small to medium-sized intergovernmental urban nodes, the promotion of differentiation and the development of the sector of services in the Western Mediterranean.
Duration of Program: May 2005 – May 2007 (24 months)
Budget: 234.000 €

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