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μεγέθυνση φωτογραφίας - Ερευνητικές εργασίες χαρτογράφησης απολιθωμάτων με σκοπό την καταγραφή τους

An important research activity of the Museum involves the mapping of fossil-bearing locations, on which is based the impressive picture of the vegetation zones, palaeomorphology and plant variety of the Petrified Forest.

This research work includes the mapping and recording of petrified trunks as well as other important structures on a topographic map (scale 1:5.000) as well as the creation of a map of the Petrified Forest with the protected regions and the fossil-bearing places. In the frames of continuing work, fossils in 15 important places, with large concentrations of fossils, were recorded and mapped, while new fossil-bearing places were located in the regions of Antissa, Gavathas, Vatoussa, Mesotopos, Eressos, Lapsarna and Hidira.

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