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Entry Fees – Admission Benefits

Entry Fees

General entry (multiple): 5,00 €
Family: 10 €
Group Discount: 3,00 €
Student Discount: 2,50 €
Plaka Park: 5,00 €

Entry free of charge for members of ICOM and holders of a Culture Card.

Admission Benefits

With a general entry ticket and without additional cost the visitor can:

  • Watch an informative presentation in the multimedia room on the creation of the Petrified Forest
  • Visit the permanent and temporary exhibitions of the Museum
  • Be informed about the exhibits by experienced Museum personnel
  • Visit the open-air park of the Petrified Forest of Sigri

Visitors are welcome to stop in at the museum café for a cup of coffee and a taste of the homemade delights of traditional Lesvian cuisine while enjoying the wonderful view of the Aegean from the café patio – better yet, stay a while longer to enjoy a magical sunset.
Selected publications, souvenirs, local food and wine products are sold here as well as local pottery.

Individuals with kinetic problems may access the Museum building from the gate at the northern side of the grounds. The Museum is wheelchair accessible.

 The floor plan of the museum and its visitor facilities.
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