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Sigri Park

Γενική άποψη του Πάρκου Σιγρίου 

μεγέθυνση φωτογραφίας - Απολιθωμένο κατώτερο τμήμα κορμού και το ριζικό του σύστημα

μεγέθυνση φωτογραφίας - Αποκάλυψη ιστάμενου κορμού με εντυπωσιακές πράσινες αποχρώσεις

Impressive root systems and standing petrified trunks in excellent condition reveal the history of the Petrified Forest to visitors at the Sigri Park

Created by the Natural History Musuem of the Lesvos Petrified Forest, the 30-hectare Sigri Park is located immediately adjacent to the Museum.
The park is an excellent example of a "geotope" because of its rarity and the great scientific worth of its plant fossils which contain information not only about the volcanic rock, but also about the geological development of the region

While walking along the pathways which have been carved out of the hillside, visitors can admire the most valuable finds within the park which are the petrified tree root systems. Root systems of numerous trees have been uncovered well-preserved and in a full stage of development. These roots serve as proof that the trees were petrified in situ. Impressive standing coniferous and angiosperm trunks (Pinoxylon paradoxum, Pinoxylon sp., Pinus sp.) emerging from the layers of volcanic ash and displaying their varied coloration can also be viewed. Sections of a number of fallen petrified trunks have been transferred to the park facilities.


 Sigri Park Map
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