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Cultural Heritage

The rich cultural history of the region of the Petrified Forest includes two of six ancient towns of Lesvos: Antissa- birthplace of the musician and poet Terpander – and Eressos – birthplace of the poet Sappho and the great father of modern philosophy, Theophrastus, who is also considered the father of modern ecology. The acropolis of Eressos, the early Christian basilica of Ag. Andreas, the Ipsilou, Perivolis and Pitharios monasteries and the Sigri castle are some of the most important monuments of the region.

Also to be seen are many examples of regional and traditional architecture such as mansions and public buildings bridges, watermills, traditional olive presses as well as various stone structures for farming which bear witness to the long presence of mankind in the region, as well as a unique folk tradition which remains alive due to the efforts and high spirits of the area’s inhabitants.

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