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Agro-tourism Festival

Getting to know the fruits of the Lesvian Soil

The Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest has organised the Agro-tourism Festival with particular success over the last few years on its grounds. The festival serves to promote local products, the natural wealth and the cultural traditions of Lesvos to visitors.
The first festival was organised in 2000 and it has since become an institution in the region as it is repeated each year championing local products and services.

A main objective of the Agro-tourism Festival is for islanders as well as tourists to experience the pure products of the Lesvian soil. The festival also aims to promote products of Agro-touristic Cooperatives, products of biological agriculture, standard rural products as well as traditional products of the island. Simultaneously local traditions are displayed as local groups provide entertainment throughout the festival.
The Agro-tourism Festival has provided the spark for the promotion and the development of the growth of agro-tourism, a sector in which Lesvos was found to be avant-garde with the foundation of the first Agro-touristic Women’s Cooperative in the '80s.

In the frames of the Agro-tourism Festival, each year a special small fair day is organized in the Museum in which each cooperative or producer presents their products, handmade crafts, local traditional items and treats for visitors.

At the same time each year an impressive series of supporting and parallel events is organised. Evenings of live music, dancing shows and theatrical works take place in the outdoor amphitheatre of the Museum. In the temporary exhibition area, local painters, sculptors, jewelers, and potters etc display their works of art.

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