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The territory of Greece constitutes one of the more important ecological and cultural reserves of the Earth as it is strewn with important natural monuments of unique value.

A multitude of natural creations and geomorphs focus the interest of visitors: volcanoes, caverns, rockforms, narrow valleys and gorges, hot and cold springs, mining and mineral areas, large geological faults, important fossil-bearing places, and rocky coasts.
All of these places, called geotopes, are usually combined with an exceptional biological interest because they contain precious biotopes. Hence geotopes are regions with an appreciable tourist interest.
Geotourism is a recent development in the growth of environmental  – alternative tourism around the world.

Through geotourism, regions with a rich geological heritage can develop tourist activity based on their natural monuments, and their natural and cultural wealth, thus strengthening the local economy.

Geotourism is based on the magic of discovery and in the force of authenticity that comes from a meaningful interaction with the natural heritage of our world.

The region of the Geopark of the Petrified Forest offers visitors unique possibilities for experiencing various geotouristic activities.
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