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Hot Springs


Polichnitos Hot Springs

The Polichnitos hot springs are located approximately 1 km from the town of Polichnitos in volcanic rocks that belong to the newer rock formations of Lesvos. The rocks through which the spring wells up appear yellow and red, due to the subsidence of iron oxides, such as limonite and hematite. All of the Polichnitos hot springs are rich in chloride and sodium and their temperatures range between 62 and 86 oC.  In comparison with seawater however, the springs have three times less sodium chloride than seawater has. It is believed that there is a mixing of hot spring water with marine water (up to about 30%).

Lisvori Hot Springs

The Lisvori hot springs spout up through volcanic conglomerates and volcanic tuffs. The springs have a temperature of 69 oC and chemical properties similar to the springs in the municipality of Polichnitos.

Argenos Hot Springs

The Argenos hot springs are coastal, with as many springs on land as in the sea. The water that wells up at the beach has a temperature of 86 oC. The Argenos hot spring water is rich in sodium chloride and, in comparison with the Polichnitos hot springs, has relatively lower concentrations of magnesium and carbonates, and higher concentrations of calcium and sulfates. 

Eftalou Hot Springs

The Eftalou hot springs are found on the northern coast of Lesvos, east of Mithymna. These springs well up through andesitic tuffs and conglomerates. The temperature of water is 46,5 oC and, with radiation levels of 14,7 MACHE, the Eftalou hot springs are the most radioactive springs on Lesvos.

Thermi Hot Springs

At a distance of 12 km northwest of the city of Mytilene is the hot spring village (Loutropolis) of Thermi, where the hot waters were used in antiquity for therapeutic purposes. The spring, with a temperature of 49,9 oC, is characterized as a ferrous hot spring, its main dissolved components being ammonium chloride, potassium iodine, potassium bromide, potassium chloride, sodium nitrate, sodium chloride, calcium chloride, and calcium sulfate.

Gulf of Gera Hot Springs

The hot springs of “Therma” are found by the Gulf of Gera, a few kilometres from Mytilene. These springs well up through neogene sediments that include layers of clay and sandstones. The temperature of the water is 39,7 oC and the spring is characterized as rich in sodium chloride. The water contains ammonium chloride, sodium bromide, potassium nitrate, chloride calcium, magnesium chloride etc.
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