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The Lava Path

The Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest has created a network of paths entitled “The Lava Paths” in the framework of the Community Initiative INTERREG II program. These paths link various geotopes along the courses carved out by the burning rivers of lava and pyroclastic material from the lips of the volcanic craters down to the Petrified Forest 20 million years ago.

These paths include two main routes (Path 1- 2) that begin in Kalloni and run throughout the extent of the Geopark along the road network. Path access is possible by car or other mechanically-driven means. There is also a series of footpaths of particular geotouristic value that begin from the two main paths. These footpaths are of particular geological, archaeological, cultural and aesthetic interest. The region offers many alternative forms of tourism, such as eco-geotourism, which contributes to the economic and social growth of the region and is one of the most important results of the creation of the "Geopark of the Petrified Forest".

Path 1 Kalloni  – Lepetymnos  – Petrified Forest
Path 2 Kalloni – Vatoussa Volcano  – Petrified Forest
The Footpaths

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