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Volcanic Centers

The volcanic crater of Vatoussa

One of the most impressive volcanic craters in the area of the Aegean is found in the region of Vatoussa. The traditional settlement of Vatoussa, as well as the villages Pterounda and Hidira were built in this crater. This enormous crater, with a diameter of 6 kilometers, was the result of intense volcanic activity that occurred in the region 21,5 to 16,5 million years ago.

The initial form of the volcano has been degraded due to an enormous landslide that resulted in the collapse of its western side. In the long period of time that has elapsed since then, intense tectonic movements and erosion have also contributed to the alteration of its initial form. Today, the crater can be distinguished by observing the hills that surround the basin of Vatoussa. These hills are the remains of the sides of the once large volcano. 

The region of Vatoussa, rich in vegetation due to the fertile volcanic material, indicates the center of the volcanic structure and the exit point of the molten lava. The rocks in this place are generally softer due to erosion caused from gases and heat gushing from the center of the volcano. The name of the village also emanates from the flora of the region, the “vatous” (bushes) that grow in abundance here.

The volcanic crater of Agra

On approaching the village of Agra, the crater is easily discernable. It borders the crater of Vatoussa, however it is a much younger crater. Physical erosion has not affected the volcanic crater of Agra to a large extent, thus, the characteristic layers of lava and pyroclastic material are relatively clearly distinguished extending in all directions around the crater, indicating the flows of volcanic material after the eruption.

The volcanic center of Lepetymnos

An impressive volcanic center dominates the region of northern Lesvos. It is the volcanic center of Lepetymnos, which has taken its name from the settlement that exists on the outskirts of the volcanic center.
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