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The Geopark of Lesvos

The Petrified Forest Geopark

The "Petrified Forest Geopark" comprehends a part of the island in which intense volcanic activity far in the past created a series of unique geotopes.
In the geopark, visitors can explore the Petrified Forest -a unique natural monument on a world scale, admire the wild natural beauty of the landscape created by volcanic eruptions, and learn about the geological history of Lesvos, its variety of ecosystems as well as the wildlife of western Lesvos. Visitors will also encounter exceptional archaeological, religious and cultural monuments that testify to the long-standing presence of humans in the region, and at the same time the folk traditions that continue to shape and colour the lives of local residents.

Lesvos Island - Unesco Global Geopark
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Standing trunk in the Petrified Forest Park Standing petrified trunk Lying petrified trunk Standing petrified conifer trunk Petrified trunk of a sequoia ancestor Walnut tree Conifer trees Lying petrified trunk on the seashore of the Nisiopi Park Petrified conifer trunks Standing petrified tree trunks Lying petrified trunk Impressive root system Columnar lava formations Remarkable findings Excavation of a standing trunk with impressive shades of green

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