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Geoparks in Greece

The idea behind the creation of geoparks came from the need for the creation of institutions capable of ensuring the protection and rational management of protected regions with a particular geomorphologic and geological heritage, so that they contribute to local growth via the promotion of particular features of a region (natural and cultural resources, traditions, local cuisine) through the participation of residents and local authorities.

Geoparks are large regions that contain valuable geological monuments and geotopes. Their structure and operation, dependent on the protected regions or natural parks, is determined by a management organization that ensures the operation, protection and promotion of the park’s geotopes. This organization also creates the essential infrastructures for interpretation, advertising, and signage as well as for the connection of geotopes and the growth of soft tourist activities that contribute to local growth via the promotion of geotourism. One of the main activities of geoparks is the briefing and familiarization of the public with the geological monuments and geotopes via educational programs and activities.

The term "Geopark" is given to protected regions with unique geological characteristics which can contribute to sustainable local growth.


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