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 Temporary Exhibit "The Birds of the Petrified Forest
The Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest, continuing in its effort to brief the general public on the natural wealth of the region of the Petrified Forest, has organised and displayed this exhibit to acquaint visitors with the birds that appear in western Lesvos.
The exhibit includes 20 sketches by Mr. Nikos Panayiotou of the most important and peculiar types of birds that exist in western Lesvos. In an exceptional way, his drawings communicate the particular characteristics of each species  – its colours, body type etc.
 Temporary Exhibit "Petrified Trees in the Czech Republic" 
 The first collaboration of the Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest with the Bohemian Paradise Geopark entails a photography exhibit on display in the Museum in Sigri. The exhibit includes impressive large photographs of smoothed sections of fossilized trunks.

The Bohemian Paradise Geopark
The Bohemian Paradise Geopark (Bohemian Paradise) is found 90 km north-east of Prague. A characteristic of the Geopark and its main source of attraction for visitors is the impressively shaped sandstone rocks reminiscent of the Greek Meteora or Stonehenge: high rocky towers, columns, gates, tunnels and windows are some of the familiar shapes in these rocks.
 Temporary Exhibit "Fruits and flavours of the Lesvian soil" 
  An original exhibit of traditional embroidery by Ms. Olga Ioannou, with subjects inspired by the flora of her native Lesvos, is hosted this season in the Museum in Sigri. The exhibit includes traditional embroidery made from gold and silk with depictions of plants. These pieces were created by refugee embroiderers from Asia Minor and they are dated to before 1900. The embroidery pieces are distinguished for the detail of their patterns and the harmony of their colours. Particularly impressive is the treatment of gold on the embroidery.

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