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During the palaeontological excavation of the educational program “Young palaeontologists”

Detail – Pupils during the “discovery’ of the Petrified Forest

Detail – Young palaeontologist during the palaeontological research

Detail – Observation of plant tissues during the educational program “Fossil and Modern ecosystems in the Plaka Sigriou Petrified Forest Park”

Detail – Young pupils observing a simulation of a volcanic eruption

Detail – Flora recording in the ecosystems of western Lesvos

Detail – Visiting a traditional water mill during the educational program “energy : from the traditional water mills to the modern wind farms”

Discovering the Petrified Forest
The "Lost Treasure" game, played in the exhibition halls of the Museum, brings students into contact with the processes and the phenomena that led to the creation of the forest. Through the Museum collections and the fossilized trees still in their natural place of growth in Sigri Park, the game also helps students to get to know the types of plants that lived there 20 million years ago

Young Palaeontologists
Students experience in an experimental excavation at the Petrified Forest in which they participate in the unique activity of uncovering and identifying fossils, with the help of Museum techniques, in the special discovery area called "Georama".

Petrified and Contemporary ecosystems in the Plaka Petrified Forest Park
The aim of this program is for students to experience participating in the cleaning and conservation of selected fossils in the Plaka Park under the supervision of the scientific personnel of the museum. Next, by playing the "Geological Clock" game, students will comprehend the differences between the Miocene and modern ecosystems, the causes of these differences and the evolution process. The program also involves activities to increase students’ comprehension of ecosystem principles and functioning.

The children familiarize themselves with the planet’s natural processes and they experience impressive natural phenomena such as volanic explosions. They discover how volcanoes are formed as well as their relation to the creation of the Petrified Forest and the development of the Aegean. The students also get to know various volcanic rocks.


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