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Snap-shot of the summer educational program “Young palaeontologists”

Detail – Young pupils covered by volcanic lava, according to the educational game

Detail – Snap-shot of the educational program “Young Deino’ s adventures in the sequoia forest”, designed for pre-school children and pupils of the first grades of basic school

Detail – During the palaeontological excavation of the educational program “Young palaeontologists”

Detail – Educational program focused on natural ecosystems, in the Petrified Forest Park, designed for high school pupils

Detail – Educational program in the Museum

Detail – Educational program focused on palaeontological excavations in the Petrified Forest Park, designed for high school pupils

Detail – Young pupils make their own casts of fossil leaves

The adventures of small Dinoulis in the forest with the Sequoias - an original theatrical game
Along with the protagonist Dinoulis, who is a small baby elephant that once lived in the forest of western Lesvos, children act out roles from the dramatized history of the Petrified Forest and experience the process of its creation through theatrical games.

Small Palaeontologists
Students experience an experimental excavation at the Petrified Forest in which they participate in the unique activity of uncovering and identifying fossils, with the help of Museum techniques in the special discovery area called "Georama".


Organisation of Educational visits

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