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Professional Training

Detail – Informing teachers about the promotion and protection of fossils

Detail – Education on fossil conservation

The Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest (NHMLPF) created the Center of Professional Training (KEK) of the NHMLPF for the materialization of professional training programs.

The KEK NHMLPF was founded in December 2000 and is accommodated in the Museum building in Sigri, Lesvos.

The KEK was founded in the frames of initiatives for the promotion of the Petrified Forest region, the training of specialised personnel, and the fighting of unemployment of young people in western Lesvos. Of the seven certified KEKs that function on the island of Lesvos, the KEK NHMLPF is the only one that functions in western Lesvos.

The center helps trainees acquire the necessary skills for participation in the activities for the promotion and valorisation of the Petrified Forest and, more generally, for the involvement in the actions for the protection of natural regions implemented by local institutions.

The main objectives of the KEK NHMLPF include the coordination of training programs on issues with regard to the environment, culture and sports, tourism, provisions of services, agriculture, health and welfare, education, technical skills and transportation.

The KEK also participates in the coordination of relevant activities such as meetings, conferences, research, the publication of educational aids, actions for the promotion and support of employment etc.


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