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Conference Proceedings

9th European Geoparks Conference
"Learning from the Past - Building a Sustainable Future"

1-5 October 2010 Lesvos Island, Greece

English Version – 228 pages
ISBN 978-960-98579-5-6

Detail - 2nd European Geoparks Meeting

2nd European Geoparks Meeting
Procedings of the international symposium on geological heritage protection and local development.
Lesvos Island, Greece 3-7 October 2001

English Version - 184 Pages
ISBN 960-86259-9-8

Detail – Protected Areas and Local Development

Protected Regions and Local Development
(Sigri, Lesvos 18-20 July 2002)

Publication in Greek – 230 pages

Detail – Protected Natural Areas and Environmental Education

Protected Natural Areas and Environmental Education
(24-26 September 1999, Sigri)

Publication in Greek – 640 pages

Detail – Protected area and Natural Monument management

Management of Protected Areas and Monuments of Nature
(13-15 July 1998, Sigri)

Publication in Greek – 320 pages

Detail – Natural Monuments and Geological Heritage

Monuments of Nature - Geological Heritage
(30 June – 2 July 1997, Molyvos)

Publication in Greek – 318 pages

Detail – Lesvos Petrified Forest – Protected Natural Monument

Petrified Forest of Lesvos – Protected Monument of Nature
(26-27 April 1996, Mytilene - Sigri)

Publication in Greek – 200 pages

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