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Educational & Informational Publications

 Detail – Geological Time Scale Poster 

Geological Time Poster


Deinotherium Handbook

Publiation in Greek - 40 pages

 Detail – Bookflet “Georama” 

GEORAMA Handbook
"I discover the plants of the Petrified Forest"

Publication in Greek – 24 pages

 Detail – Booklet “Theophrastos” 

"I know the volcanic rocks - the volcano kit"

Publication in Greek – 24 pages

Detail – The Water Paths – Watermills as cultural monuments of Lesvos

Streets of water – The watermills as cultural monuments of Lesvos
Text, diagrams and coloured photographs of traditional watermills of Lesvos

Publication in Greek – 16 pages

Detail – Watermills of Lesvos – Construction materials

Watermills of Lesvos – The Structural Material of Watermills
Text, coloured photographs and diagrams

Publication in Greek – 16 pages

 Detail – The Olive Trails

The Olive Paths
16-page information booklet on trails through the olive groves of Lesvos.

Publication in Greek and English

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